CSCI 1820
Algorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology

The course is devoted to computational and statistical methods as well as software tools for DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis. The focus is on understanding the algorithmic and mathematical foundations of the methods, the design of associated genomics software tools, as well as on their applications. Topics include: sequence alignment, genome assembly, gene prediction, regulatory genomics, and SNP’s variation. The course is open to computer and mathematical sciences students as well as biological and medical students.

CSCI 2820
Medical Bioinformatics

Devoted to computational problems and methods in the emerging field of Medical Bioinformatics where genomics, computational biology and bioinformatics impact medical research. We will present challenging problems and solutions in three areas: Disease Associations, Protein Folding and Immunogenomics. This course is open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates with Computational or Life Science backgrounds. Prior background in Biology is not required.

Teaching Statement
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